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This website contains supporting files for my presentation to the SIVA 2011 meeting ( lean body mass poster & paper ), plus other medical software including propofol and remifentanil tracking programs, my atracurium model, POSSUM program and some statistical functions. Unless otherwise stated all files are copyright myself but are released as freeware.

Created 2011, last revised November 2017

The files here include the latest versions of PROPTRAK.EXE and REMITRAK.EXE, my real-time target concentration software for infusions of propofol and remifentanil using alternative lean body mass equations. See TRAKHELP.PDF for details. All executables here need 32 or 64-bit Windows. There is also a poster submitted to the Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia in 2011. These are avaiable separately but the ZIP contains both executables, help file and poster: TRACKER.ZIP. Sample screen shots of both programs:-

There are several PDF files of related papers, see README.PDF for details. These include both of Hume's papers and that of Han, who presents Janmahasation's equations in a very readable manner. For those wishing to explore the pharmacokinetics themselves, I have included the last release of STANPUMP ( Dos ) and my own TCISim. README.PDF

For further discussion on the Lean Body Mass issue in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia see the The WorldSIVA Open TCI Initiative. You may have to log in to read the discussion. Alternatively use WorldSIVA home page

Also available here is my earlier atracurium model, also for 32-bit Windows, WINATRAC.ZIP

All ZIP files will need an appropriate unzipper to open, e.g. 7-Zip, IZarc, etc.

None of this would have been easy had it not been for the excellent STANPUMP program from Stanford University. Unfortunately it did not make it past DOS, though there is a version for Linux as a Beta. Stanpump has been run successfully under 32-bit Windows but is unlikey to run on any other operating system other than by using a shell program such as DOSBox. Please use at your peril!

Users of Stanpump will be familiar with the data files which are saved in a strange format (DAT). There is also a translator program which will copy the data into a CSV ( comma separated value ) file which can be loaded into many spreadsheets and databases. However DATFILES implements compression by default which will result in loss of data. The correct syntax so save without loss of data requires a zero on the end of the command, ie:-

datfiles myfile.dat myfile.csv 0

For those who require a Windows program to do the translation, may I suggest my Windat program. Some of you may remember Rugloop , effectively a Windows version of Stanpump, but it appears no longer available.

My POSSUM (Physiological and Operative Severity Score for the enUmeration of Mortality and morbidity ) calculator and database is available here, and implements the published POSSUM, P-POSSUM (Portsmouth Predictor Equation ) and vascular algorithms. : PPOSSUMV3.ZIP

I have also converted some statistical functions from the Statistical Utilities page of the Brixton Health website, also for 32-bit Windows, in the form of two dynamic links libraries (DLL), here. The DOS programs on the webpage do work under Windows9X but not at all under XP or later. They can often be run under DOSBox. However, I have translated the more important functions, Fisher's Exact test and Confidence Intervals for Proportions into 32-bit DLLs which can easily be called from Visual Basic, Open Office, etc.

The following is a list of all downloadable files:

With thanks to my son James for a lot of help with the PHP code.

Richard Muirhead

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