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SAS Appraisal Guide  A very thorough guide by the BMA with lots of references!

SAS Job Planning  Comprehensive guide by NHS Employers and the BMA, though a little dated ( November 2012. ).

SAS Autonomous Practice  © British Medical Association 2015. BMA guide.

SAS Charter for England  BMA HEE, NHS Employers, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 2014. © British Medical Association, 2014

SAS Charter for Scotland  BMA NHS Employers, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges 2014. © British Medical Association, 2014

SAS Charter for Wales
  BMA, Welsh Government.  © Crown copyright 2016

SAS Charter for Northern Ireland   BMA, NI government.

Workplace bullying and harassment of doctors. A review of recent research.  BMA 2017. © British Medical Association, 2017

Dignity at work. GMC policy, includes bullying and harassment.

Fatigue and sleep deprivation – the impact of different working patterns on doctors.  BMA January 2018. © British Medical Association, 2017

Fatigue and sleep deprivation guidance.  BMA January 2018

Valuing expertise and experience: specialty doctors and associate specialists in psychiatry  RCPsych report May 2013.

NHS Employers / BMA SAS Contract FAQ. March 2018

Ethics: Our ethics toolkits gives you essential guidance on the legal and ethical issues you may encounter in your clinical practice  ( BMA )

Pay and conditions circular - October 2018
   3% pay increase for SAS doctors and dentists.
See also NHS Employers page

Bullying and harassment in the NHS: policy recommendations    BMA Last updated: 31 October 2018
See also full report

Settled status for EU doctors post Brexit - BMA advice   3 December 2018

Fatigue and facilities charter    BMA Last updated: 07 December 2018

The following have copyright restrictions which mean I cannot host them here, but the following links are still valid ( April 2018 ):

Employing and Supporting Specialty Doctors, a guide to good practice.   By DOH and NHS Employers, 2008. Somewhat dated. © NHS Employers 2008.

Improving SAS Appraisal, a guide for employers.  © NHS Employers 2013.

SAS Doctor Development:   Summary of resources and further work. BMA HEE, NHS Employers, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. February 2017 © NHS Confederation 2017

SAS Ophthalmologists: Supporting a Key Workforce   © The Royal College of Ophthalmologists 2018

Quality indicators for job plans for SAS surgeons   Guidance from The Royal College of Surgeons of England SAS Committee © RCS,  2015.

Guidance on safe medical staffing - report of a working party  © Royal College of Physicians of London, July 2018.

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Model SAS Contracts  FAQ, terms and conditions of service.I do not maintain this site, BMA does! However I have always found it accurate..

GMC apps for CPD and Good Medical Practice - for Apple and Android.
I downloaded the Android app and thought it quite useful. However, I am retired!

Web page editing resources.

If interested in helping us edit the website please visit the tutorials. However, screen dumps are from the previous website and are due to be updated.  The current tutorials for editing the SAS pages are located at: http://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/video_training.   These tutorials should be read before any application for a login..

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